About Our Factory

In July 2018, SUOAI IT (Guangzhou) Co., LTD was established. And XY Doll, as the top brand of reality TPE& silicone sex dolls, is the core brand of our company.

In May 2019, we invested in Renzhichu Science and Technology Entity Doll Factory (XY Doll Factory). Since its establishment, we have mainly engaged in the OEM business and the doll production of our own brands, such as XY Doll. XY Doll Factory is currently the most quality-controlled sex doll factory in the industry.

We have our own research and development team, including 3D modelers, clay carvers, colorists, structurists, mold makers, etc. Our backbone team consists of senior wax craftsmen, experienced product managers, etc., with an average experience of more than 10 years. We're the largest and most professional R&D team in the realistic sex doll industry.

Our Vision

Let the loneliness go!

Our Mission

To satisfy the sexual and companionship needs of single & solitary people.

Our Values

Positivity, Optimism, Integrity, Gratitude, Focus, Restraint, Simplified, Rigor, Collaboration, Innovation

Why Choose XY Doll?

XY sex dolls are made of reinforced materials, with multi-proportion ultra-high molecular TPE, which has higher melting points and flash points. The finished product is more stable, odorless, and resistant to weathering&tearing. Oil control performance is greatly improved.

XY doll bodies are made from real-life models, 1:1 replicas of real humans, with human skin textures. The doll makeup on the market is generally 2 layers. However, all of our doll head and body makeup use wax-level techniques – 4-6 layers of makeup for a more realistic look. Instead of the normal eyeballs used by other brands, XY Doll uses vascular stereoscopic eyeballs with blood vessels. The thickness of eyelashes and eyebrows is 0.10-0.07mm, which is closer to the real human.

Our doll skeleton is made of national standard steel. The partial parts with larger force surface are made of 1.2-1.5mm steel, which can bear large force and is not easy to break under normal circumstances. For more durability, we use pure spring steel washers (black iron or manganese steel is commonly used in the market) for the joints. This makes our doll’s skeleton more stable when it expands in heat and shrinks in cold. Better yet, it will effectively solve some joint problems, such as abnormal noise, easy loosening, too tight and so on.