Doll Cleaning

Head & Body: Bath temperature should be water below 40 degrees Celsius. Shower gel, soap, and detergent can also be used to clean up sex dolls. Do not wipe your love doll with a dry cloth or hard objects to avoid rubbing off the makeup.

The stubborn stains on the body can be wiped off with cleansing oil, olive oil, or white oil. However, for love dolls with body makeup and blood vessels, it is recommended to only rinse with water to prevent makeup from falling off.

1. Do not allow water to enter the neck interface, otherwise, it will easily cause rust and affect the use and appearance.

2. The vagina and anus can be washed repeatedly with the disposable cleaner distributed by our factory. Do not flush the vagina directly with the faucet to prevent water from entering the pelvis skeleton.

Dolls with sound function: Be careful to splash water on the sounder, and prevent water from entering the circuit board.

Doll Care

Generally, the doll should be cleaned once every 10-20 days. After bathing, you need to apply some talcum powder to prevent the doll from cracking.

Something You Should Know When Storing Dolls.

1. Do not leave the doll in a position other than the factory default position for a long time time, such as bending limbs, sitting posture, etc.

2. For dolls that do not have a standing function, it is best not to allow the doll to stand, as this can cause the skin to be punctured.

3. Due to the particularity of the material, the doll is easily stained by dark clothes.

4. Do not touch the doll’s skin with knives or other sharp objects.